Providing Technical Testing & Training Services

At Coffee Intelligence we serve as scientific consultants to the coffee and tea industry. We provide unbiased technical consulting, chemical analysis, and laboratory equipment implementation. 

We provide technical training on coffee quality assessment and provide you the tools and knowledge from understanding quality from bean to cup.



Consulting & Training

With over 20 years of experience we've  provided technical consulting for a broad range of companies around the world. We've also developed the industry's first Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) for coffee professionals seeking to expand their technical knowledge of coffee.

Product Development

Our team of scientists can provide you with product development assistance across all sectors of the coffee industry - from sourcing, to QC to product innovation.

Analytical Testing

We provide unbiased 3rd party chemical testing for the beverage industry using a number of analytical methods including analytical instruments. We've also utilize advanced instruments which can replicate the human tongue to gather objective data on your product. 

Coffee Expert Witness

We've served as coffee experts for a number of intellectual patent (IP) cases over the years across all stages of the coffee supply chain. Contact us for more information.

Coffee/Tea Testing

Whether you need to test for caffeine, chlorogenic acid or simply infusing your coffee/tea product - we cover all aspects of chemical testing & product validation for your success. We also provide testing on green coffee for quality assessment purposes. 

NIR Calibration Development

Need to measure a specific compound via NIR?

We can develop a custom NIR calibration for your instrumentation from start to finish.

Coffee Science Certificate (CSC)

The Coffee Science Certificate® (CSC) is the industry’s first and only training program aimed at providing a greater technical understanding of coffee science. Please see our schedule of upcoming sessions around the world.

Electronic Tongue Analysis

Don't rely on subjective panels to assess your products. Using an advanced electronic tongue we're able to objectively 'map out' how your product 'tastes' compared to your competitors. Contact us for more information.

Cold Brew Testing & Analysis

Need a chemical analysis of your cold brew? We provide a wide range of testing solutions for cold brew R&D and analysis.





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